Migrating from another Passes Platform

Right now there is no established procedure on how to migrate Android Pay passes generated on other platforms. Please ask for more advice on this topic at the support e-mail address.

Migrating Apple Wallet (Passbook) passes from another Mobile Wallet Platform can be a cumbersome task, this requires direct intervention of our engineering team and your team in order to migrate the passes one-by-one successfully.

For this task to be accomplished you need the following:

  • Access to the private certificate and to the Pass Type ID (CER or P12) used to sign the passes on the legacy platform.
  • Access to the database or some kind of low level (API) access to the passes in the legacy platform.
  • Ability to still update the existing passes in the legacy platform, more important ability to issue a specific webServiceURL (ask to the legacy platform vendor if the allow this or can help you achieve this)

Please note that the above checklist is only a list of pre-conditions that you need to have to allow us to start helping on the migration process.

Please contact us using our support address that can be found in the main site.