Point-Of-Sale (POS) Integrations

Passworks currently doesn’t support any POS integration out of the box since the aren’t de facto integration standards on how POS and their backends communicate with external services.

Right now to integrate with Passworks we recommend each customer to study the Passworks API documentation that explains how to leverage our API in such a way that you can integrate any external service with us1

Allowing you the following:

  • Create, update and delete campaigns
  • Create, update and delete passes
  • Send push messages to customers via Passes
  • Get campaign performance via reports and analytics

if you have any enquiry about how to use the API on need more clarifications on the subject please contact us at support@passworks.io

1 API integration will must likely require that you have access to professionals or vendor that knows how your POS operates and are able to integrate with our API by developing some kind of software solution.