• Redeeming a pass

      Information on how to redeem a pass using the redeem web page or mobile apps and managing the users (redeemers) that are allow to redeem per campaign.

    • Creating and managing passes using CSV file

      Learn how to create custom mobile passes importing them from a CSV file.

    • Campaign Analytics

      Learn how to check how your campaign is performing and keep an eye on key metrics.

    Apple Wallet

    • Pass Style

      Learn about the different Apple Wallet pass styles (coupon, boarding passes) and their key differences

    • Barcodes

      Learn about the barcodes supported by the Apple Wallet

    • iBeacons

      Get a birds view on what are (i)beacons, how they work and how you can use them in your business.

    • What is Pass Type ID

      A Pass Type Identifier is a Identifier associated with a developer account. A Pass Type ID as one or more certificates associated.

    • Expired or Revoked Pass Type ID Certificate

      Expired or Revoked Certificate